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Friday, October 01, 2004

Socialism: The Liberal Philosophy

Too many times I have heard liberals make comments regarding Bush’s tax cuts such as: “the tax cuts are unfunded”, “these are reckless tax cuts”, and “how can the government pay for these tax cuts?”

The philosophy on which these questions are based is clearly Socialism. Whether liberals admit it or not, these tax cut arguments are based on socialistic ideals.

First, tax cuts occur when the government decides not to take as much money, in the form of taxes, from the taxpayer.
Second, it is the taxpayer, not the government that works and earns the wages that are taxed. Unless one works for a government entity, one does not earn wages from the government. It is not the government’s money; therefore the government cannot decide how much money the wage earner is paid.

The government, in no way, shape, or form, pays for tax cuts. Therefore, the phrase “unfunded tax cuts” is erroneous. The only possible meaning of such a phrase would be based on a deeper, philosophical meaning of socialism. The belief that the government pays for any tax cuts is a principle of socialism.

Socialism is an economic and political theory advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of production and distribution of goods, services, and pay, or in other words, a redistribution of wealth.

The government’s main focus, economically and financially, should be to work within a budget based on the taxes and fees collected by the government. If the government receives less taxes and fees, such as the result of tax cuts, then the government must be fiscally responsible and reduce spending. There is no law that states a government must increase spending every year. If a private business were run as the government, that business would fail.

This country is based on financial and economic freedoms, a free market, and the right of every citizen to make as much money, or as little money, as he or she wants. People have exercised their right to spend that money as they see fit which has created the largest and strongest economy in the world.

To denigrate and demoralize those freedoms, and ultimately to eliminate those freedoms, is socialistic and should not and will not be tolerated in this great country.

For those that believe in those socialistic philosophies, France, Spain, and Russia are the places for you.
totalkaosdave, 4:22 PM