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Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Response to a Typical Liberal

Kerry supporters...wait, let's get this accurate...Bush haters seem to forgo any semblance of rational and logical thought in their attacks and arguments. Here is a response to one of my responses:

dude mare, what a shithead. republicans are selfish bastards who would assume that a person's paycheck is equal to their social class or worth. in europe and other places on this big round thing we call earth (and not america sphere as i believe kirsten called it once), people actually live and enjoy their lives instead of slaving away for the big white asshole on the top floor. they go home to their families at lunch-time, they have months of vacation to spend with their families, they have national healthcare. have you ever experienced those things as an american worker? god no. americans work hard, and that's a great thing to be a hard worker. but it's a different thing all together when you base your life around your job, your paycheck, and your visa bill instead of your family, your values and the joy of living. if paying more taxes will feed, educate, and give medical care to those who need it then well shit i guess i'll buy fewer dvd's and hit mcdonalds drive in a few less times. you in humane bumptious asshole.

# posted by the king : 1:18 PM

Here is my response to this one:

The socialistic view I've been talking about shines through. The top 20% wage earners pay over 95% of the income taxes to keep (by their own choices) the laziest in creature comforts. I, unlike you, work hard so my family can enjoy the fruits of my labor, and we can enjoy more time together. I have never asked, nor will I ever ask, to enjoy the fruits of another's labor. Before the government decided to take money from the wage earners and give to others (income redistribution) there was a thing called philanthropy which still exists today on a much smaller scale. That is the way it should be.
If you analyze what your beliefs are, you will find that they are socialistic ideals, and that's fine, but not in America. If everyone thought as you do, and waited for government handouts, and waited for the other guy to do the work and be taxed, eventually, no one would work, and you would find America controlled by the government since the people could not (or would not) take control of their own lives. That is called communism. That is fine also, but not in America.
It is obviously clear by your well educated wit and wisdom that you are one of the liberal, socialistic, and capitalistic hating people, and that's OK too.
Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to drive around needlessly in my Excursion (why an Excursion? Because I couldn't find any thing bigger and more gas -guzzling). Go on with your lives and enjoy the things subsidized by those who work hard, but at least acknowledge the effort they put in to make your life a little better.

Now you can see the difference between logic (conservatives) and emotion (liberals).
totalkaosdave, 10:09 AM