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Monday, October 25, 2004

One More for the UN LOVERS

OK all you Kerry supporters, all you people who want the UN to handle everything because the US is too big and SCARY. Here you go. This is why the UN wants a world tax; they will eventually build a world army; they have to or what's their purpose to be?

Another example of the POWERLESS and USELESS UN.

Syria to U.N.: Drop Dead Again
October 25, 2004
How seriously does Syrian dictator Bashar Assad take the United Nation Security Council? Not very. Last Tuesday the Security Council unanimously reiterated an earlier resolution calling for Syria to end its occupation of Lebanon. Instead of lessening its control, Syria did the opposite. Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri resigned Wednesday, and a pro-Syrian replacement, Omar Karami, was appointed in his stead. This type of response to U.N. pressure is looking more and more familiar.
Last month, the Security Council passed Resolution 1559, demanding that foreign troops -- belonging to Syria and the terrorist organization Hezbollah -- leave Lebanon, and calling for free presidential elections. The resolution didn't threaten any force if Syria failed to comply -- instead it called on Secretary-General Kofi Annan to report back on the state of affairs in 30 days.
The Baathist despot in Damascus responded to the resolution the next day by forcing the Lebanese parliament to amend the country's constitution to allow his puppet president, Emile Lahoud, to remain in power for another three years. In doing so, not only did Assad demonstrate his contempt for the Security Council by openly flaunting his power in Lebanon, but in so doing he increased his control over the country.
Thirty days later Mr. Annan reported back to the Security Council that the resolution had been ignored. Syrian troops and intelligence agents remain in Lebanon; Hezbollah continues to use the country as a base for its world-wide terrorist operations; and, as was very publicly seen, no presidential elections took place.
In response to Assad's disregarding one declaration with no backbone, the Security Council decided to pass another. And unsurprisingly, Assad's response was much the same. This time the U.S. and France (resolution 1559 co-sponsors) pushed through a "presidential statement" Tuesday calling for implementation of the resolution. But unlike the first resolution, which required a report in 30 days, this one asks for Mr. Annan to report back in six months. Meanwhile, Assad not only has a yes-man as president, but now as prime minister as well.
In his report, Mr. Annan said it was time for foreign troops to leave Lebanon and end a "sad chapter in Lebanese history." Until the Security Council realizes that the threat of more paper reports and resolutions isn't what makes a dictator fold -- it's the threat of force that does -- Lebanon's story is only going to get sadder and sadder.

WOW. And Kerry and you liberals want this useless body in charge of the defense of America? Not only that, but you want them in charge OF our army!

totalkaosdave, 6:05 AM