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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Ode to Mr. Edwards

I had a novel idea the other day. This surprised me as I have come to believe, through the study of philosophy and thought, that there are no new ideas just new names for them. It is an idea, judging by the flow of our societies tide, who’s time has come. But first some pointed background.

Point 1. Most of us know of someone or worse have ourselves been the victim of a civil lawsuit. This is a process more of who can financially hold out the longest than in any search for justice. There are lawyers who will attempt to get extension after extension on a case just to lengthen the time a person must pay for his own legal defense. This, many times, causes a settlement just because the settlement is cheaper than retaining the legal representation.
Point 2. You can not pick up the paper, watch the news, or open your mail without hearing about some new class action lawsuit about something or other. The problem with this, as most of us know, is that when damages are paid out most of the money goes to the lawyers. How many times have we heard of million dollar settlements and the actual victims receive a check for 37 cents?
Point 3. It has long been understood that we have 2 justice systems in this country. There’s one for the rich and there’s one for the rest of us. Time and time again the rich, by the ability to afford the most expensive lawyers and teams of lawyers, have gotten off on charges that would have sent any of the rest of us to jail for life.
Point 4. There is a crusade in this country right now to push for socialization of many things that used to be an individuals responsibility but now are considered a persons ‘rights’. I.E. “I have a ‘right’ to medical care, a ‘right’ to pharmaceuticals…the government should pay for them!”

I wonder how many of you after reading these points have had the same epiphany I recently enjoyed…or maybe the brainwashing runs too deep. Well, for those of you who may not have figured it out, here is my great idea. A SOCIALIZED LEGAL PROFESSION!!!!
This would, in one fell swoop, fix the problems innate in all the above points.
Point 1…justice would again be done as each person involved would have representation throughout the full process of any civil suit.
Point 2…If all lawyers are paid a yearly rate, say $50,000.00, then the cash amount of any settlement will go to those who deserve it-the victims.
Point 3…All lawyers would be free to the people and chosen by whoever would be up next on the docket, thereby leveling the playing field for the rich and the poor.
Point 4…There is no clause in the Bill of Rights for medical care, but there is one for legal defense. So I ask, why not?
Well here’s why not. Because in this great country, unfortunately, the lawyers make the laws. How many congressmen, how many governors, how many justices, how many presidents and presidential candidates are lawyers? Do you believe any lawyer would vote for such a zany idea?
When it comes right down to it, it shouldn’t surprise me that this is such a novel idea. I have come to believe that it’s not that no one has ever come up with it, just that anyone who has is somewhat hard to locate. And because of this I am sending this letter to as many people as I can and posting it on the internet. Unless, of course, some faceless group of lawyers tenders me an offer of a little hush money.
*For the slow witted, the above is meant as sarcasm and irony. Or is it?
gblagg, 8:23 AM