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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This just in!


In an embarassing display of political philandering for votes, President Bush has announced that he will be in New York City tomorrow at the corner of 87th and 42nd Streets to turn water into wine for all the winos and homeless. In exchange, he will ask that they register and vote for him.

John Kerry (while walking on water) responded by saying, "The Bush administration is not only pandering to the winos and homeless for their votes, but by turning water into wine, the President is actually admitting the water is not fit to drink! In a Kerry administration, we will create a governmental task force to not only turn water into wine for the winos and homeless, but we will also turn water into SAFE water for the winos and homeless to drink as well. Not only that, the wine created by a Kerry administration will taste better and BE better for you!"
totalkaosdave, 7:15 AM