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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's Bush vs. Kerry and the Mainstream Media, Did Somone Mention Bias?

It is quite clear, even for you liberals, that the media has been on sKerry's side since Howard Dean dropped out. When his blabbering on the campaign trail is mimicked by the New Kerry Post's editorial page, I guess any semblance of fair and balanced should be reserved for Fox News. I wonder if the Kerry campaign and the elite media actually have strategy meetings or coordinate by email? Hmmm...

On this "news" article, does it mention, even once, that a democrat is the elections suervisor and is in charge?

And finally, this article, from THE GUARDIAN, in England, mentions the republicans by name but somehow omits to label the democrats. Not only did I pick this for the international media bias, but I also think it enhances my argument that if your stupid, YOU SHOULD'T BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. I DO NOT WANT THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY DECIDED BY THE GALACTICALLY STUPID!
totalkaosdave, 5:40 AM