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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Can't Have It Both Ways John

OK students. A little lesson today in business and economics from the Kerry Campaign.

They have stated they are going to raise taxes on those making over $200,000. This is comprised of many small businesses since they are taxed at the same rate for individuals.

With me so far?

This is what the Kerry campaign said about Kerry's healthcare plan. Now the context is that healthcare is costly, so the government is going to help small businesses out by taking on some of the cost of the healthcare. Understand? Are you ready?

This is from: Momentum Builds for U.S. Role in Paying Highest Health Costs
By MILT FREUDENHEIM and ROBERT PEAR, Published: October 23, 2004
"Senator Kerry views this as good health care policy and good economic policy," said Sarah A. Bianchi, the policy director for the Kerry campaign. "Many businesses are not expanding because of the soaring costs of health care."

OK. Is everybody with me? The argument by the Kerry campaign is that they will take on some costs of healthcare incurred by small businesses because the higher cost is keeping them from expanding. REMEMBER: expanding businesses mean more jobs!

Now, Kerry, as mentioned above, also wants to increase taxes on those same small businesses. Does anyone see the irony in this yet? Higher costs (in general) are keeping small businesses from expanding, so he wants to help REDUCE the healthcare cost burden, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME INCREASE THE TAX COST of small businesses! Logically, THIS IS ABSURD. It is bad economics and bad for businesses!

As seen in this example, Kerry does not understand the principles of business nor the economy. Yet people think he is going to increase jobs and "turn this economy around."

Is it just me, or can anyone explain his philosophy to me?

totalkaosdave, 9:06 AM