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Friday, October 22, 2004

Another Response to a Typical Liberal

This one is particularly good because the liberal is actually talking about taking responsibility for one's own actions. I didn't think they even knew what that concept was. Then I realized, they don't.

Carter was saying...I just hope you remember that if Bush wins, and we go to shit, it's your fault. If it goes to shit under Kerry, I'm willing to stand up and say I'm responsible. If Bush wins, will you be like Bush and not stand up to your mistakes?

One of his commentators wrote (you MUST notice the part about inflation)...Sheryl said...
You can be sure that they will not. I don't know anyone who voted for Bush or Nader in 2000 who has apologized for the deficit, the loss of jobs, the loss of international respect for this country, the loss of lives in Iraq, the destruction of infrastructure, the inflation, the erosion of the middle class, etc, etc.I'll cut the 2000 Naderites and Bushites slack if they have learned something and are voting Kerry this time. We tried to warn them then, but people have to make their own mistakes. And when they do learn from them, you have admire people who can admit mistakes, because that takes character.But I seriously doubt that anyone who votes for Bush or Nader this time will take responsibility for anything. If they were going to, then they already would have. We'll just blame everything on "the terrorists" or "the establishment" while we all lose our rights and watch our country/planet go to hell.

To which I replied...I would love to know what effect the deficit has had on you.

I guess in liberalspeak unilateral means 30 countries, multilateral means 34 countries. Is that about right? Kerry sure loves the talking point of "going it alone" in Iraq, yet he voted against getting Saddam out of Kuwait when there was a complete coalition of forces favoring the act. Hmmm...kinda makes one wonder which way he'll flop next.
As for jobs, why don't you actually look at the numbers. On the payroll survey, the bottom was hit in August 2003 at 129.789 million employed. So, from August 2003 to September 2004, the payroll survey shows an increase of 1.8 million jobs. And let’s be clear that total private-sector employment in the payroll survey from August 2003 to September 2004 expanded by 1.7 million.

Meanwhile, the household survey registered its trough much earlier – at 135.715 million in January 2002. That would translate into an increase of 3.8 million jobs from January 2002 to September 2004.

Now, one can debate the merits of the payroll survey vs. the household survey. The truth probably lies somewhere between the two. But what is unmistakable is that job losses have not been nearly as bad as Senator Kerry portrays them. In fact, a comprehensive view of the jobs market shows no losses at all, but gains under Bush. And no matter which employment survey ranks as one’s favorite, the recent trends have been unmistakably in a positive direction, that is, job growth. http://www.sbecouncil.org/LatestNews_Action.asp?FormMode=CyberColumn&ID=308

The INFLATION? You think inflation is high? How old are you, 4?
Erosion of the middle class: means people are moving up or down the socioeconomic scale - freedom of choices - America is great isn't it.

Oh right. America is great. That's why you hate it. You think we should slink on down to the levels of mediocrity like the rest of Europe, so they'll like us again. I bet if the US takes away all of its foreign aid, those same countries would soon become our best friend and think we were the greatest. It is amazing what money can do. (Just ask France and Russia about the Oil-for-food scandal.) It is no wonder why theyt voted against the war in Iraq. It interupted their flow of money.

Do you realize Kerry is about BIG government intervention; thereby alleviating all you liberals from taking responsibility and being held accountable for your own actions. Scary thought. The thought that you are the one to blame for your situation. No wonder you want to vote for Kerry.

Happy reading - and no, even I, as warped as I am, could not make this up.
totalkaosdave, 9:12 PM